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Shaping a cleaner, greener and more sustainable world.

Carbon Capture and Storage

Carbon capturing is the process of retrieving Carbon Dioxide that has been released into the atmosphere, this is combined with storing the captured Carbon Dioxide in a safe location.

This is a complex process of reducing Carbon Dioxide output, but is highly beneficial to the environment by reducing the amount of Carbon Dioxide that is found in the atmosphere.

Anchora Terra delivers this service to large industrial companies on special request.

Carbon Footprint Management

A companies Carbon Footprint is defined as the greenhouse gasses (including Carbon Dioxide), that is released directly or indirectly into the atmosphere in the process of production or delivering a service.

Achora Terra manages this through an in-depth analysis of the direct and indirect factors that contribute to their Carbon Footprint. Once this analysis is completed, we at Anchora Terra can compile and manage a plan to best assist the company to attain their environmental goals.

Carbon Credits

Carbon Credits are permits representing an amount of Carbon Dioxide removed from the air in various ways that can be traded between companies to be able to meet their legal emission requirements.

Anchora Terra is specialised in using our services in Carbon Reduction to create, manage and supply Carbon Credits to our clients.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy has come to fruition in recent years and plays an important role in moving into a greener future.

Anchora Terra specialises into integrating renewable energy into our Carbon management programmes, being able to convert this transition into Carbon Credits and maintaining a lower carbon output.

A greener and better future for our earth’s generations to come.